Music, Balance and Lifestyle

From hybrid online/in-person school schedules and blended offices to potential second waves of shutdowns, finding balance should be part of everyone’s long-term wellness strategy.


Here are some tips for staying productive, alleviating stress, and avoiding burnout on your work-from-home journey—not just for today, but for the long haul.


1. Create a Schedule and Set Boundaries
Even if your employer doesn’t follow a rigid schedule, creating (and sticking to) a regular schedule can help you maintain productivity and ease some of the stress that comes from working all the time. Set your work hours and log off at the end of your scheduled workday so you can focus on other things.


When your work hours have a beginning and an end, you can more easily set boundaries with your family, coworkers, and manager.


2. Give Yourself Breaks
Once people get the hang of working from home, they often move from task to task and lose track of time, forgetting to take breaks like they would in an office. Going from item to item with no time to reflect and regroup doesn’t allow your body or brain to work optimally. Remember to give yourself a little space between outputs.


Spend ten minutes reflecting on a meeting, take a 15-minute break with your family or a roommate, or go for a quick walk around the block. And don’t be tempted to look at your phone or answer an email during this time. You’ll feel refreshed and reconnected with the world around you.