We pioneered the technology to bring highly profitable payroll services back to accountants. No matter what payroll solution you’re currently using, you will generate more profit with Payroll Relief from PayrollZoom™ while reducing your firm’s workload. The secret? Payroll Relief reduces staff hours to a bare minimum by performing complex payroll tasks automatically, on time, and with 100% guaranteed accuracy of calculation.

Payroll services include everything you need for a high-performance payroll practice. We’ve given great attention to the major areas that determine the performance of a payroll system – streamlined workflow, comprehensiveness, automation, customization, integration and management tools.



We have unprecedented automation and processing speed. Payroll services performs direct deposit, tax payment, tax filing, electronic child support automatically with 100% calculation accuracy guaranteed. Batch processing is available to achieve peak efficiency. Approve payrolls and print checks in batch. At year-end, you can print, email, E-File, archive, and release to employee portals all W-2s and 1099s in batch. Minimize data entry with exception-based entry. You can even eliminate data entry and check printing in your office by using special features available in Payroll Relief.


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